Honoring BIPOC Mental Health

This is originally published on Mental Health America’s site, and is written by Minaa B. with Respect Your Struggle

Trigger Warning: Content discussed addresses suicide and suicidal thoughts.

For more than twenty years of my life I struggled with major depression and suicide ideation. Thought after thought, I was consumed with the idea of death and sadness and how to eliminate myself from the rest of the world. I grew tired of carrying my burdens, and when my back could no longer stand up straight from the weight of my pain that I carried in silence – I attempted suicide.

The cuts on my wrists were indicators that this brown girl was not okay. I hid myself. Learning how to be bold and brave about my struggles was a behavior that I was never taught. Instead, I was constantly reminded through television, music, the church and conversations, that weak-minded people don’t get far in life. The stigmas of society told me that black women didn’t complain – they pushed through. Black women didn’t get tired – they worked hard. And black people don’t struggle with depression – we pray. Then carry on.

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