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Researchers Consider C19 Might Lead to Dementia

Despite the fact that COVID-19 have been affecting younger adults, new studies are suggesting that the 60 and over community is experiencing brain issues long after their initial infection. “Not being able to see grandchildren, get to the gym or social activities took a heavy toll on both patients and their caregivers, she [Dr. Reisa […]

Top 5 Strategies for Dealing w/ Clingy Seniors states, “When a senior is so clingy that it’s interfering with your caregiving tasks, day-to-day responsibilities in your own life, and critical me-time, it must be addressed before caregiver burnout sets in. The best way to approach this dilemma is to determine the underlying cause(s) of their clingy behavior. There are a few common […]

GoFundMe for Home Health Care Needs

Juliet Bernstein is a prime example of how badly the American healthcare system fails so many! Bernstein, who is 108, had to launch a gofundme to raise capital for her home care needs. “A retired schoolteacher who is physically frail but mentally sharp, Bernstein, who was born before the first world war, hopes to remain […]

Honoring BIPOC Mental Health

This is originally published on Mental Health America’s site, and is written by Minaa B. with Respect Your Struggle Trigger Warning: Content discussed addresses suicide and suicidal thoughts. For more than twenty years of my life I struggled with major depression and suicide ideation. Thought after thought, I was consumed with the idea of death […]

Fact! Weight Loss Improves Lung Function

During a 20-year study, researchers tracked over 3600 adults, ranging in age from 20 – 44 years old. Each had their lung function, body weight measured at each stage (beginning, middle, end). 2/3 gained weight, which led to their lung functions worsening. This is believed to be because of increased inflammation and pounds. However, those […]

VA Geriatric & Extended Care

A trained person who comes to a Veteran’s home to provide personal services, helping them to care from themselves with daily routines and activities – is called a homemaker and/or home health aide! These professionals are not nurses, however they are supervised and report to a registered nurse who guides them in caring for the […]

The Value of Skilled Nursing Care

What is skilled nursing care? says, “Skilled nursing care is a high level of medical care that must be provided by licensed health professionals, such as registered nurses (RNs) and physical, speech, and occupational therapists. These services can be necessary over the short term for rehabilitation from an illness or injury, or they may […]

What Is Home Care? states that home care ” enables people who have special needs (such as people with a disability, people with chronic illnesses, or older people) to recover from illness or injury, or just maintain a sense of independence as they age while living in their homes.”  A Better Alternative Nursing Agency, Inc. provides a range […]